The Challenge

CRM and Sales Progression

thefoodpeople (TFP) champion change within people and organisation, shifting the future of food and drink for all, through delivering global food and drink intelligence to any business in the food and beverage supply chain. With over 16 years’ worth of expertise and experience, they are market leaders and looking to further cement increased market growth and market positioning. 

Fundamental to this is ensuring that the marketing into sales process is well defined, fit for purpose and consistent across the business both from a software and messaging perspective. TFP currently uses a number of different systems for email, CRM and sales progression. They also have a number of different ‘processes’ across different parts of the business creating inconsistencies across the globe.

Our job is to review the entire process, and all it's variations, in order to deliver consistent marketing into sales process. The processes need to be unified and approved by all parts of the business while also using the right software solutions to provide the desired marketing into sales outcome.

Our Approach

Deliver Consistent Marketing

We’re at the early stages of delivering this project but the overarching approach will include:

- One to one process mapping and review of current systems
- The rewriting of the right process for the entire business
- Mapping this into an instruction based process flow that gives the business all the detail and prompts
- Activating the right system or systems

The Solution

Ongoing Live Project

It’s too early for the client to give us an overview of how they think we’ve delivered as we are just embarking on this project but the client is pleased and excited about the impact our delivery of this project can have on business growth and sales completion.