About the project

The Challenge

thefoodpeople (TFP) champion change within people and organisation, shifting the future of food and drink for all, through delivering global food and drink intelligence to any business in the food and beverage supply chain. With over 16 years’ worth of expertise and experience, they are market leaders and looking to further cement increased market growth and market positioning.

TFP initially wanted to ensure that the whole business was united on their narrative and key message positioning, starting from their overarching purpose and then cascading down across their asset, target sectors and key propositions.

As a globally diverse team they needed to ensure all parts of the organisation, from sales and marketing through to admin, contributed to the formulation of the key narrative.

Our Approach

Business Transformation Workshops

We conducted a range of one-to-one interviews with key personnel to ensure we got a representative view, across the whole business.

We collected all shared views and organised a team wide series of workshops to further distil key elements which would define the overarching narrative.

The Business Transformation Workshops helped us to develop the narrative and define mutually agreeable short, med and long form descriptors. Here is a sample of the med form narrative:

We champion change within people and organisations.
Shifting the future of food and drink for all.

Through the power of trends; we stimulate to inspire and inform. We interpret and distil thousands of data points to create directional clarity, enabling you to make a transformational impact. We identify the trends of today and yesterday, to build the foresight for tomorrow and the future.

Through our unique IP and methodologies, our community have access to inspirational, real-time global trend intelligence. Identifying interconnected themes across multi-channels and categories, enabling you to seed the opportunities of tomorrow.

Turning today’s trends into tomorrow’s opportunities.

This now lives and breathes in an online narrative deck that’s used throughout the business both internally and externally to ensure the key narrative is consistent.

It’s front and foremost on the website.
It’s the lead intro to the sales and pitch decks.
It’s embedded throughout the nurture flow of the sales cycle.

The Solution

Business Transformation Workshops

TFP are delighted with the way we approached the project, delivered it and embedded it within the business. There is a sense of relief throughout the business that the narrative and key messaging is now consistent and embedded and it links together a host of different work that has been conducted in the past in tone of voice, key values and branding documents. There is now a thread of steel that unites all previous efforts to define the narrative.