The Challenge

Increase Relevance & Revenue

thefoodpeople (TFP) provide in-depth trends, analysis and insights in the food and drink industry. The purpose of TFP is to ‘shift the future of food and drink, to harness the power of future trends to shape a better future for all’.

Focus7 were chosen to be a trusted strategic partner to help TFP to harness the power of their extensive content to engage with their audiences, encourage subscription and ultimately increase revenue.

Our Approach

Audience Definition & Content Audit

Focus7 first needed to identify the different audiences TFP is speaking to - or would like to speak to. Once these were identified and created - by giving them distinct personalities, and understanding their particular goals, pain points and motivations - F7 needed to evaluate each piece of top performing content to determine whether it was relevant for each of the audience profiles; and if not, how could that content be adapted.

While carrying out the Content Audit, we were able to use our skill set to identify opportunities and make recommendations for further improvements to support TFP in reaching their target of revenue growth.

The Solution

Contextualised targeted communications strategy

Audience profiles were created to allow for audience segmentation and targeted, relevant communications, following tone of voice guidelines.
F7 created a matrix of multiple contextualised email marketing campaigns to be used across all audience profiles to allow for better segmentation and CRM. Aims, KPIs and goals were set for each of those campaigns to enable campaign monitoring and evaluation.

The campaigns were further contextualised into different campaign types, with top line content created for each and taking the audience on clearly defined user journeys to nurture, upsell and cross sell to different areas of TrendHub, TFP’s revenue-generating platform.

During the Content Audit, F7 also made recommendations for structural improvements which include the creation of a new website to accurately reflect the breadth of content available, to better tell the story and purpose of TFP and upsell to TrendHub. F7 also identified an opportunity for TFP to look at its revenue model, to offer different entry points and better monetise the vast amount of content it creates.