Strategic Transition

Thefoodpeople are shifting the future of food and drink for all by working with Champions of Change who connect with the power of trends. 

How? On trendhub, their online community platform, they leverage their unique IP and methodologies, identifying interconnected themes across multi-channels and categories, enabling you to seed the opportunities of tomorrow.

At Thefoodpeople, they are committed to stimulating people and industry to inspire and inform, by bringing trend foresight to life. They interpret and distil thousands of data points, turning knowledge into in-depth reports and articles, to create directional clarity.

Their mission is to enable you to make a transformational impact by identifying the trends of today and yesterday, to build opportunities for the future.

Focus7 was chosen to be a trusted strategic partner to help Thefoodpeople to realise the ambition of Shifting the Future of Food & Drink in the 21st century - shaping a better future for everyone. Communicating relevantly the human relationship and trends within Food & Drink: sourcing, preparing, discovering, creating, inventing, sharing, enjoyment, health, and environment. Also communicating the great work that the Foundation undertakes and how they can get involved. To engage and communicate with existing target audiences and facilitate the reach and onboarding of new contact opportunities to be part of the community, nurturing them toward the right solution, and demonstrating benefits of the tiers within Trend Hub. Considering the different Target Audiences relevantly.

Our Approach

TFP are a content rich business, and we need to use this effectively for success, maximising what we have, whilst transitioning toward an even higher profile and standing in the Food & Drink industry, and planning future content distribution routes accordingly.

Having conducted an audit of available content, a plan for communicating relevantly to each audience was provided. We proposed  activating that approach, setting up automated emails, targeted relevantly, whilst maximising all existing content. Ensuring that we drive the required actions which we can then track and measure for ongoing success.

We Proposed

A. The existing website, to a new website platform that clearly conveys what is meant by ‘Shifting the future of Food & Drink’ the moment people land, taking all audiences on a relevant journey through the website

B. The existing emails sent to existing groups within Mailchimp, to an integrated Marketing and CRM platform that enables database collection, on-going segmentation, email campaigns to be set up and automated, social publishing, SEO and a holistic reporting across all channels for effective on-going monitoring and evolution, with capacity for all latest technology inclusions. A well planned channel distribution relevant to each target audience, carefully designed to drive into Trend Hub and then nurture people to upgrade within the Tiers.

All using language that clearly communicates what we mean by ‘shifting the future of food and drink’ to our target audience.

A. Phased Approach

Focus7 recommended that the website is updated for all to integrate from. However, it is
recognised that activity is required to commence before this would be ready. We have
therefore discussed the below phased approach.

Phase One – 1st Quarter
- Set up and Activation of Pre-Conversion Warm Up Emails within CRM.
- Review of the benefits and options within HubSpot, taking all back end set ups and integrations into consideration – firming up the CRM platform requirement for The Food People.
- HubSpot set up and onboarding.
- Workshop to refine ‘the bridge’ enabling copy direction for all communications going forward.
- Setting up the Welcome Emails and Nurture Emails for all target audiences.
- Creating Landing pages for the emails enabling data collection requirements (as interim before website is updated).

Phase Two – mid 1st Quarter into 2nd Quarter
- Website update and further Email campaign set up.
- Creation of an impactful website taking all audiences on an effective journey, with integration to Trend Hub and HubSpot.
- Set up of emails for all audiences to nurture then through the Trend Hub tiers.

Phase Three – On-going planning mid 2nd Quarter into 3rd & 4th Quarters
- Strategic planning and Quarterly updates to campaigns
- On-going Marketing support and liaison to plan each quarter of email content updates.
- Review engagement and activity across all channels to inform and plan for future content.

Phase 1 - What was actioned

In conclusion, our project has been a comprehensive and transformative endeavour, aimed at enhancing their internal processes and customer engagement through the implementation of various HubSpot tools and strategies. Here is a summary of the key milestones and achievements throughout this project:

- Internal Process Map Building: We began by thoroughly mapping their internal processes, gaining a clear understanding of their workflows and identifying areas for improvement. This step served as the foundation for the entire project, ensuring that our efforts were aligned with their organisational goals.
- Configuring HubSpot to Requirements: With a well-defined process map in hand, we customised and configured - HubSpot to meet their specific requirements. This involved tailoring the platform to match their unique business needs, from lead management to customer relationship management.
- Building Automated Emails: One of the highlights of our project was the development of automated email workflows. - These workflows not only streamlined their communication with leads and customers but also ensured that their messaging was timely, relevant, and personalised.
- Forms & Landing Pages: To capture valuable lead information and drive conversions, we designed and implemented forms and landing pages within HubSpot. These were optimised for user experience and data collection, contributing significantly to their lead generation efforts and process workflows.
- Reports and Dashboards: Our project also included the creation of custom reports and dashboards in HubSpot. These tools provided us with real-time insights into our marketing and sales performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.
- Training: To ensure the successful adoption of the new processes and HubSpot tools, we invested in comprehensive training for our team members. This training empowered their staff to utilise the platform effectively and maximise its potential.

Throughout this project, our team demonstrated remarkable dedication, collaboration, and adaptability. We faced challenges, but we overcame them through a shared commitment to our objectives.

Looking ahead, we will continue to monitor and fine-tune their processes, leveraging the data and insights provided by HubSpot to optimise our marketing and sales strategies.
This project has not only marked a milestone in their organisation's growth but also set the stage for ongoing success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We very much look forward to continuing with the next phases of our proposal.

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