About the project

SecuraPro Branding

Octree are a cybersecurity business delivering managed IT support, managed cyber security protection, cloud computing solutions and comprehensive communications. They have focussed predominantly on the Financial Services sector as this industry has the tightest restrictions and regulations that they have to adhere to. SecuraPro is a solution from Octree that will be made of 3 different levels of solutions, to provide an essential baseof products and services for businesses to follow to ensure they are preventing cyber-security atatcks such as policies and processes as well as cyber-security training.

Logo design

Focus7 have created branding for the SecuraPro product which signifies a secure 'start button' to online access emphasised by the central lock symbol. The outer overlapping broken lines lend a feel of constant movement and connection. By using round icon shaping it also mirrors and compliments the Octree logo icon and would sit well together, as is the use of colours.