About the project

Print & digital design for Anglo 'clean air' initiatives

Anglo is a distinctive brand in office supplies, with a huge passion for sustainable, eco-friendly service delivery. The team at Anglo wanted their clients in the heart of London to make sustainable decisions when it came to deliveries and the number of suppliers businesses had delivering office products and services. Enter the Clean Air initiative. Focus7 created a microsite for the Clean Air initiative and an Emissions Calculator which encouraged Business Improvement Districts (BID) to work with Anglo to reduce the amount of deliveries and vans, reducing their carbon emissions.


Removing just under 3 million single-use plastic milk bottles from the supply chain

Anglo’s environmental initiatives didn’t stop at driving for Clean Air in our capital. The team at Anglo wanted to drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles in offices across London, so they partnered with a local dairy who were providing milk to offices in reusable glass bottles rather than single-use plastic bottles. In 2019 alone they removed just under 3 million single-use plastic bottles from the supply chain. Their clients switched from plastic to glass milk bottles and they haven’t looked back. As part of this initiative, Focus7 helped create a range of online and offline collateral to promote the initiative, including exhibition banners, a dedicated Milk Monitor landing page to track their progress and milk bottle labels for the glass bottles.