About the project

LSGi - new brand launch for estate planners

The team at Customer is King (CiK) approached Focus7 with a fresh new idea to launch a new brand called Love Supporting Growth (LSGi). CiK/LSGi are a successful player in providing outsourced ‘in-house’ will writing and estate planning support and wider services for big players. The business concept was to share what they do to drive customer retention, loyalty and growth, with Will Writers and Solicitors, to create a community and shift the views and perceptions of customer excellence within the industry.

Our approach

Brand & marketing strategy

After some initial conversations with the team, we recommended starting their journey with our Brand Activation workshop, getting to the heart of what CiK and LSGi do, to understand what subsequent brand and marketing development was required.

The solution


After attending the workshops, Focus7 created a logo for Love Supporting Growth to represent the brand. The thinking from our Senior Designer behind the chosen logo was that each link in the logo icon is leaf shaped to represent growth, community and support. The continuous link from one to the next signifies continuous and evolving growth, with every aspect of the business being interconnected with each other and structurally critical.

Focus7 also created thematical sub-brands, differentiated by colour schemes, to clearly distinguish between Growth, Profitability and Value - key areas of LSGi offering.

Every ambitious business owner should consider going through this process.

“For any ambitious business that has a vision for the future, trying to identify what needs to be done and in what order to realise that vision can often be overwhelming. The process we went through with Focus 7 was expertly organised and as their name would suggest, focused. It was an intense and demanding programme but at the end of it, the sense of being overwhelmed was replaced with one of clarity and optimism. What’s more our vision was expanded and our horizons widened. The well ordered ‘To Do’ list that resulted from the programme has without doubt accelerated our plans by several months if not years. Every ambitious business owner should consider going through this process. ”

– Patrick Harrison, MD LSGi