Client Overview:

Our client, a leading process management technology company, specialises in providing innovative solutions to streamline and enhance business processes. With a focus on efficiency and automation, they wanted to elevate their sales operations to align seamlessly with their unique sales process.

Client Challenges:

Despite having a well-defined sales methodology, there was a need to translate this into a practical and efficient workflow within HubSpot, a platform they had chosen for its robust capabilities.

Solution Provided by Focus7:

  • Workshop and Requirement Analysis:

    • The first step was a comprehensive workshop where Focus7 engaged with the client to thoroughly understand their goals, requirements, and existing sales processes.

  • Lifecycle and Deal Stages Integration:

    • Understanding the importance of lifecycle stages and deal stages, Focus7 played a critical role in configuring HubSpot to align with the client's own process software. This integration was crucial for maintaining a cohesive sales process from initial contact to final deal closure.

  • HubSpot Customisation:

    • To ensure seamless integration, Focus7 set up HubSpot with a meticulous focus on customisation. This involved renaming stages and fields to align with the language and terminology already in use by the client. The objective was to make the transition into HubSpot as smooth as possible for the sales teams.

  • Sales Team Training:

    • With the introduction of a new telesales team, training became a pivotal component. Emphasis was placed on progressing contacts through stages that would seamlessly align with the sales team's activities within HubSpot Deals.

  • Collaboration with Integration Team:

    • Working closely with the client's integration team, Focus7 ensured that the sales pipeline in HubSpot seamlessly integrated with the client's proprietary process software. The flexibility of the HubSpot setup was a key consideration to accommodate any changes in the client's own system.

Outcome and Results:

Several months into implementation, the telesales and sales teams are operational and the HubSpot integration with their own process software is functioning effectively. Focus7 has continued to provide support in terms of reporting and dashboards to help the client gain insights into their sales performance.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, the client and Focus7 plan to extend the collaboration by onboarding HubSpot Marketing. This step aims to further nurture the sales process through marketing automation, providing valuable insights, and automating website visits to enhance overall customer engagement.


Through a collaborative approach, Focus7 successfully aligned the client's sales process with HubSpot, ensuring a seamless integration with their own process software. The optimised workflow has led to improved efficiency, better tracking, and enhanced reporting capabilities, setting the stage for continued success in their sales operations.

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