About the project

Frayed branding and web design

Frayed is an online marketplace app linking curated social content with the freedom to express ourselves through the clothes and accessories that we wear… fashion, apparel, activewear, outdoor wear, circular fashion.

The app helps the online buyer with a unique ‘Brand’ navigation bar that streamlines the digital commerce experience and helps refine the search to enable faster decision making. With a simple swipe and flick, the app puts brands in the consumer hand.

The company's mission is to be the leading marketplace of inclusive, sustainable, circular and ethical fashion, accessories, homewares and gifts with an organic link between social content and shopping.

The challenge

Branding, explainer video and website

Frayed approached Focus7 to create the brand and a website to attract investors to the business. We've created an animation video to showcase the app to investors with a view to promoting the app to consumers once it's available to the public.