About the Project

Bringing two company brands together

Telepen approached Focus7 in 2021 after they acquired a young, dynamic electronics business called FireBee Ltd. They wanted to work with a strategic brand and creative partner that could bring the two company brands together, consolidating the different purposes, visions, values, products and services into one defining brand with a clear way forward.

Our Approach

Successful rebrand project

After a successful Brand Activation workshop between Telepen and FireBee Ltd at the end of 2021, we successfully launched the new company name and brand - AdvaNova. With this rebrand, we’ve also launched a brand new website in May which combines the rich heritage and experience of Telepen with the capacity for new and exciting technology thanks to the new Consultancy team (previously FireBee) into one single website.

The new website has streamlined the user experience for potential customers with full automation through HubSpot.

The website launch marks the end of a successful merger and acquisition and marks the start of our ongoing relationship with the team at AdvaNova, delivering a fully loaded communication strategy to attract new customers to both AdvaNova and AdvaNova Consultancy. Our work will also include continued website optimisation and regular reviews of a predefined user journey for AdvaNova’s customers.