Workshops & Masterclasses


Our range of brand activation workshops are a fully-immersive, interactive way to get your team involved with getting the most from your brand and marketing. Whether you’re looking for impartial advice as to whether you need a rebrand; an understanding of how to optimise your customer journey and which areas of marketing to focus on; or a detailed analysis of your current state of play and what to develop to achieve your goals – our workshops can help. You’ll be joined by several of our experts, who will spend the day understanding your business, your goals and your frustrations, and helping you come to conclusions that will dramatically improve your brand and marketing.

Our current workshops:

  • 2-Day Business Transformation Workshop
  • 2-3 Day M&A Brand Consolidation Workshop
  • 1-Day Brand Means Business Workshop
  • 1-Day Audience Workshop
  • 1-Day Marketing Activation and Automation Workshop

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Workshops & Masterclasses


It can be very difficult to work on your business when you’re always working in it. That’s why our workshops take you and the relevant members of your team out of your everyday roles and encourage you to challenge the status quo. If your brand and marketing aren’t working the way they should, it’s time to not only examine why, but what you can practically do about it. Maybe your clients are defecting to competitors, you’re losing talented staff, or you’re being overlooked for new business. Perhaps you’re unsure where to position your business moving forward, or you’re a new startup or venture looking for guidance as to how to make a massive impact on the market. Whatever you’re looking to get out of the workshop, we’ll understand your objectives and walk through how to achieve them.

Workshops & Masterclasses


We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, which means we’ll immerse ourselves in your business by asking you questions and genuinely listening to the answers. We’ll run you through a variety of tried-and-tested activities, discussions, exercises and worksheets to help assess your current situation, air frustrations and identify goals. Then, we’ll reflect our learnings back to you and make real recommendations that you’re free to take away. If you’d like us to, we can also propose in detail how we’d go about acting upon those recommendations – because we hope that you’ll be so impressed by the work we’ve all done together, that you’ll be excited to see where our partnership could take your business.

Workshops & Masterclasses


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Workshops & Masterclasses

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