The Brand Shift Program: Navigating Your Business Through Transformation

Posted 21st June 2024
By Focus7

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying relevant and competitive requires more than just a strategic advantage—it demands a fundamental transformation in how brands operate and engage. 

At Focus7 International, we recognise the critical need for businesses to adapt and evolve, which is why we’ve developed ‘The Brand Shift Program’. This unique initiative is designed to guide businesses through a comprehensive transformation, ensuring they are not just market-ready but future-proof.

What is The Brand Shift Program?

The Brand Shift Program is a meticulously crafted series of workshops aimed at businesses looking to radically enhance their market position and operational approach. Over the course of five days, participants dive deep into the core aspects of their businesses that influence brand perception and growth potential. From redefining success metrics beyond profit margins to breaking down operational silos that hinder progress, the program covers a broad spectrum of strategic areas.

Why The Brand Shift?

Many organisations struggle with similar challenges: disconnection between their brand identity and their operational strategies, outdated change management approaches, and a lack of cohesive brand positioning. ‘The Brand Shift Program’ addresses these issues head-on, offering solutions that are not only innovative but sustainable.

Day-by-Day Breakdown:

  • Day 1: Defining Success Beyond Profits
  • Day 2: Breaking Down Silos
  • Day 3: Cultivating Brand Ownership and Values
  • Day 4: Strategic Marketing and Media Utilisation
  • Day 5: Implementation and Driving Change

Guided by Experts

The program is led by Vida Barr-Jones and Aarti Parmar, two seasoned professionals renowned for their expertise in driving transformative change and strategic brand alignment. Their combined experience ensures that participants receive insights that are both practical and revolutionary.

Interactive and Engaging

One of the highlights of the Brand Shift Program is its interactive elements. Participants are not just passive attendees but active contributors to their transformation journeys. From engaging quizzes to assess your current brand alignment to interactive discussions that challenge conventional thinking, every element is designed to provoke thought and inspire action.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Feedback from past participants underscores the impact of the Brand Shift Program. Leaders across various sectors have noted significant improvements in their strategic operations and market positioning post-program. These testimonials serve as a testament to the program’s effectiveness and its ability to foster substantial business growth.

The Path Forward

If you’re looking to navigate your business through the complexities of modern markets and emerge stronger, more aligned, and ready for future challenges, the Brand Shift Program is your ideal starting point. This transformative journey is not just about adjustment; it’s about total reinvention.

Interested in learning more or signing up for the next session? Contact us at or stay tuned for our landing page release for detailed information on program schedules, content, and registration details.

Contact Us

For a more detailed discussion on how the Brand Shift Program can specifically benefit your business, or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us at Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and shift your brand towards unprecedented success.

CEO at Focus7

With passion and professionalism in abundance, Vida Barr-Jones has an impressive track record of establishing and meeting business goals. Vida brings 34 years of commercial experience, having spent eleven years as a Board Director at Europe’s largest FTSE-listed office products wholesaler. Vida is an inspirational leader known for excellent communication and engagement across all levels.

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