Support Armed Forces Day 2023

Posted 21st June 2023
By Focus7

On Saturday 24th June we will be celebrating Armed Forces Day 2023 as a Nation. Armed Forces Day this year will be hosted by the Cornwall Council in Falmouth. Falmouth will play host to a military parade, flypast and will allow the public to learn more about what our Armed Forces do. Armed Forces Day offers an opportunity to pay tribute to the courage, dedication, and resilience of the men and women who relentlessly work to safeguard our peace and security. Representing the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, and Reserves, these service personnel epitomise commitment, bravery, and selflessness, often placing our country’s safety and that of others above their own, as essential drivers of progress and growth in various aspects of our lives.

Support Armed Forces Day 2023

The Strength Behind the Armed Forces: A Supportive Community

Armed Forces Day isn’t solely about acknowledging our service personnel. It also highlights the close-knit and supportive community that surrounds our Armed Forces. This network includes the families of the service members, who unfailingly stand by their sides through highs and lows, and a number of amazing charities providing invaluable support to our sailors, soldiers and airmen and women and veterans. The strength of this community is vital to the wellbeing and morale of those serving and who have served in the British Armed Forces.

Drawing Inspiration from the Armed Forces in Business

In the corporate world, we can draw significant inspiration from the principles upheld by the Armed Forces. At Focus7, discipline, teamwork, and leadership – hallmarks of military service – inform our approach to business. These values not only contribute to organisational success but also shape our operations and ethos. Furthermore, they underscore the importance of team wellbeing, effective communication, and a shared sense of purpose.

Honouring Our Heroes: Ways to Pay Tribute

So, how can you commemorate Armed Forces Day? Participating in local events, sharing supportive messages on social media, and making a donation to a military charity are all meaningful ways to express our gratitude.

We invite you to join our Twitter Thunderclap at 1100hrs! Help us create a virtual sonic boom saluting our guys and girls who really deserve it – let’s make it happen for them! Simply copy, paste and schedule the Tweet below for 1100hrs on Wednesday 21st June:

It’s Armed Forces Week! We look forward to celebrating your support for the men and women of our Armed Forces. @EAEmployers @BearGrylls #SaluteOurForces

There are events all over the country – Find an Armed Force Day Event near you:

As Armed Forces Day 2023 is nearly upon us, join us to stand united in our respect and appreciation for our Armed Forces and the resilient community supporting them. Their contribution is the strength behind our safety and security and a testament to their unyielding commitment.

Tag @ArmedForcesDay and use #SaluteOurForces on Social Media.

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