Hubspot – 10 Best Things to Know

Posted 19th October 2022
By Focus7

Hubspot is one of the most utilised CRM systems worldwide and there is a reason for that. However, managing the software sometimes requires extensive knowledge that not everyone has in-house. Here are 10 best things to know when it comes to running Hubspot for your CRM.

1. Did you know – the power of a lead scorer?

Users in Professional and Enterprise accounts* (more information about the bundles, here) can customise the default HubSpot score contact property to qualify leads based on custom criteria. You can also create custom score properties for your contacts, companies, and deals. 

Once saved, all records, including those with existing scores, will be reevaluated. Scores will be updated to reflect the new criteria. Most score properties should process and update property values within a few minutes. If you have a large database or your business  uses complex filters (e.g., criteria related to integrations, page views, or list memberships), it may take up to two hours to update. If you’ve connected your account to Salesforce, the updated HubSpot Score values will sync over to Salesforce after it is updated in HubSpot. 

2. Did you know – something about ease of reports?

With all of the work that goes into growing a business, you want to know your efforts are paying off. Reporting is an important component of any business that affects decision-making and goals.

A convenient place to keep track of your data in HubSpot is on your Dashboards. Use this centralised view to analyse reports built from all aspects of your CRM. 

Not sure how to get started? HubSpot offers a variety of standard reports to choose from in the Report Library. To get there, navigate to one of your dashboards and select Add report at the top right.

  • Easily get your hands on detailed reports with comprehensive dashboards
  • In the HubSpot Reports tool, you can view all the standard reports in your account or even create custom ones. This is ideal as you can analyse records and activities through custom dashboards for your team based on any metric. Sales, marketing, customer service – HubSpot lets you do it all.  
  • Having a centralised home for all your data is great. You can build deeply customisable reports in seconds, send reports directly to the relevant people on a recurring basis and view data in a nice, easy-to-understand way. You’ll finally have a clear way of measuring your ROI.

3. Did you know – something about brilliant automation capability?

HubSpot gives you the ability to automate your emails after customers take specific actions, like downloading content, making a purchase or signing up for emails. Email automation nurtures your contacts over time. This automation system continues working behind the scenes and engages with your potential customers so you can focus on other tasks. 

You have the ability to carefully plan what content contacts receive depending on how they interact with your earlier communications. This is thanks to what HubSpot calls workflows…

  • Automate your follow-up, and put time back into your day: Prevent prospects from slipping through the cracks with sequences.
  • Personalise and tailor your automated sales emails: Save your sales emails from becoming impersonal.
  • Streamline your sales process with workflows: Use workflows to rotate leads, create deals, automate tasks, and manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values, and more. 

4. Did you know – something creative about landing pages?

Ready to generate more traffic and leads from your website? With HubSpot’s free landing page builder, you can easily build professional landing pages that attract more visitors and convert them into qualified business leads — no designers or IT help required.

You can use landing pages to support new product launches, drive event registrations, and more — then watch your CRM database fill up with interested prospects you can sell to.

  • Create and publish new landing pages in no time.
  • Personalise landing page content for individual visitors.
  • Analyse, test, and optimise landing page performance.

5. Did you know – you can only pay for the contacts you market to?

With HubSpot, you only need to pay for the contacts that count. Bounces, unsubscribers, partners, one-off tickets, there are many reasons why you’d keep contacts you won’t market to in your CRM and it’s a bit unfair to pay for them if you aren’t marketing to them. Marketing Hub customers with marketing contacts only now need to pay for the contacts they choose to market to (using ads or emails). The rest? You can store up to one million contacts for free. 

  • Only Pay for the Contacts that Count
  • Mark Eligibility with Ease
  • Unlimited Contact Storage, Unlimited Growth Potential

6. Did you know – Seamless social media integration?

You can use independent scheduling software for social media like Hootsuite and Buffer. If that’s working for you, then great. Although, it’s nice to have things all in one place.

In HubSpot, you can integrate your social media accounts (paid and organic) and schedule social posts straight from your CRM. This is really useful as you’ll save so much time compared to logging in and out of different accounts. It also helps tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) attributing conversions to particular social posts.

Use HubSpot’s social media management software to publish content to social networks from the same place you build campaigns; set up keyword monitoring so you never miss a mention; and link all your interactions back to your CRM so you have contextual conversations and can report on social media ROI.

  • Build and publish social media campaigns with ease.
  • Monitor social mentions to never miss a conversation with people who matter.
  • Report on social media marketing ROI.
  • Social media management made simple.

HubSpot’s social tool gives you the option to post social posts immediately, at a customised time, or on a default publishing schedule. In addition, you can create a custom publishing schedule to easily schedule your social posts based on when you anticipate getting the most engagement.

7. Did you know – Create and share meeting links?

There’s a really helpful Meetings tool that’s worth checking out. After you connect your calendar and preferences to it, you can share links with contacts to help book time. As all the links sync with your calendar, you’ll always have up-to-date appointments. It’s reported that professionals burn up nearly five hours per week scheduling meetings. HubSpot has made it easy to skip back and forth as you schedule meetings right from your email, CRM or website.

In your calendar settings, you can connect a Google, Office 365, or Exchange calendar to the meetings tool so if you have an event on your connected calendar, the scheduling page will show that you’re busy during the event time. You can also edit the default scheduling page, add additional calendars, or host the scheduling page URL on a connected domain in your settings.

The HubSpot meeting scheduler works with the apps your team already uses, and is connected to your HubSpot contacts database, so every time a prospect books a meeting, your database grows and stays in sync. Start booking more appointments with less hassle, and get your time back to focus on more important things.

  • Eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling.
  • Offer flexibility with round robin and group links.
  • Book more meetings by emailing or embedding your calendar.
  • Use the appointment scheduler to automate your sales process.

8. Did you know – 75+ Integrations?

HubSpot is linked with 75+ integration partners to provide a positive experience to customers. HubSpot has powerful integrations with Survey Monkey, Eventbrite, Wistia, Zendesk, etc. For fulfilling your business needs, you can also integrate HubSpot with WordPress or Magento and many more platforms.

HubSpot’s marketplace is very extensive and users have a lot of options for third-party tools for various purposes. Having approximately 1000+ integrations, you can maximise the potential of your tech stack. What the HubSpot App Marketplace offers is the capability to connect your system to other tools and thus, improve your customer experience. Marketplace covers tools in various categories including but not limited to Analytics, Ecommerce, Webinar, Calling, SMS, Invoicing, LinkedIn, ERP, Payroll, and Project Management.

Integrations have the power to enhance all aspects of your business. No matter the software you use to run your company, you can find integrations that can help simplify your processes, optimise your efforts, and empower your fellow employees. So, find the right integration marketplace for your software and begin connecting to the applications suited for your business needs.

9. Did you know – Great reviews?

When considering a new tool or software, feedback from existing users is as important as the features of the software.

  • Customer’s Choice for CRM Lead Management on Gartner Peer Insights
  • Ranked #3 in 2021 Best Product for Marketers category on G2
  • Ranked #2 in Marketing Automation Software category on TrustRadius
  • #1 in Top CRM Software Products category on FinancesOnline
  • Ranked #2 in Customer Relationship Management software category on G2
  • Voted Best Result for Enterprise customers on G2
  • #2 in Top Sales Software Products on FinancesOnline
  • #1 in Sales Engagement Software on G2
  • #1 in Customer Service Management Data Quadrant on SoftwareReviews

10. Did you know – Live Chat?

It can be pretty annoying when potential customers and visitors get away before you can even talk to them. HubSpot lets you connect with them in real-time to ensure you convert new leads and close more deals through conversation. The live chat software lets you connect instantly with your website visitors when and how they want. You won’t need to do all the work either. Make it easier by personalising chatbots and never lose a lead.

  • 82% of consumers say a quick response is important when they have pertinent questions.
  • 85% of online customer interactions will be executed through bots.

By adding a live chat feature to your website or business, you can help remedy these common customer support roadblocks, increase your support team’s daily productivity, and give your company a competitive advantage in the following four ways:

  • Greater convenience
  • Improved efficiency
  • More cost-effective
  • More user-friendly

Ask yourself four questions:

  • 1. Is human bandwidth a constraint?
  • 2. Do I need to collect data or report on conversations?
  • 3. Is the cost of making a mistake low?
  • 4. Are there repetitive processes, or standardised answers your customers need?

HubSpot chatbot can implement the following actions:

  • Send a simple message
  • Ask a question
  • Offer email subscription
  • Set contact/company property value
  • Add to static list (Marketing Hub Starter+)
  • Submit a ticket
  • Knowledge base lookup (Service Hub Pro+)
  • Send to a team member
  • Enroll in a workflow
  • Trigger a webhook
  • Run a code snippet
  • Book a meeting
  • If/then branches

There are many more things to consider in order to achieve your goals with HubSpot but these top 10 really do highlight some of the key features. Let’s chat in more detail about how HubSpot can help your business grow faster. 

We appreciate that circumstances are unique which is why we recommend booking a call with Dawn, our Hubspot Automation Expert, to determine your strategy and build your bespoke CRM  strategy.

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