September 2022 Round Up

Posted 29th September 2022
By Focus7

In this release, we’re talking about Mergers & Acquisitions and Brand Strategy. This paper is a sweet overview between the importance of branding in M&A and what Focus7 has recently achieved in this field.

The past few months have been very generous to our business which has put us in a sharing mood. At Focus7, we prime passion and longevity for businesses. It is therefore important to us to share our top tips for a successful business strategy.

The Focus7’s team has been delivering valuable work to multiple businesses in the UK. They all required that their audiences understand their message. Some of them had to combine their message into one single brand. Our expertise has been notably noticed when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions. We help businesses Define, Ignite, and Grow.

Black Bridge Distillery are worthy  winners of the Hertfordshire Lord Lieutenants’ Enterprise Award 2022.  They first launched as a business 5 years ago at the Hertfordshire Show 2017.  Focus7 are proud sponsors of this excellent Award, working closely with the Lord Lieutenant, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Hertfordshire Show to support innovation and enterprise within Hertfordshire each year.  As part of their win, we offered Black Bridge Distillery a 1-Day Business Transformation and Marketing Workshop to really get to the heart of their business and help it beat faster, a key part of our own Define, Ignite, Grow offering.

You will also see that we would like to introduce you to two of our newest team members. Lorna, our Senior Graphic Designer and Denis, our Account Manager.

If the Round Up has given you some food for thought and you would like to discuss the subject further, please get in touch today.

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