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Posted 24th March 2022
By Dawn Saltmer

Best Marketing Automation Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

When it comes to choosing a CRM there are thousands to choose from. With hundreds of features to compare, making a choice that suits your business needs can feel overwhelming. In Focus7’s case our main (but not only) priority was Marketing Automation, so with this in mind, we started our search for the perfect fit. 

Having the functionality we needed was one thing but we also wanted to know how easy it would be to set up and use on a daily basis as well as the level of support we could expect when running into the inevitable teething problems. At a glance, it seemed like Active Campaigns scored better in marketing automation; but it just didn’t satisfy all of our business requirements such as automated sales pipelines and sales reporting.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that there was one obvious answer out there that could cater to all of our requirements, and more. The table below shows a comparison by G2Compare of the best Marketing Automation software for medium sized businesses.

It became evident that HubSpot was a comprehensive solution to our problem.

CRM is now the heart of scaling businesses. Companies with more customized CRMs see stronger customer satisfaction and company growth than companies with less customized CRMs.

When more of your company uses your CRM, both customer satisfaction and retention rate performance are stronger.

A seamless customer experience stems from a CRM at the heart of your business. 

If your CRM is manual, rigid, and difficult to align, it’s harder to delight — and retain — your customers.

The benefits  of using Hubspot are enormous

The marketing hub consolidates website activity, social media, blogs, email marketing and more into one platform, enabling us to analyse exactly the routes that our customers and prospects follow. We can identify what works and what doesn’t and refine for continuous improvement. Customer journeys using automation can be created quickly and easily, no matter how simple or complex the journey itself is.

The Sales Hub allows us to gain deeper insights, to automate onerous administrative tasks and to speed up our conversion process, closing more deals, more quickly. The CRM provides an instant snapshot of the company and the individual we are working with, with supplementary information pulled in from other business information sources. The quoting functionality is sophisticated and allows discretion in the way that contracts are priced whilst ensuring overall margin objectives are achieved. The sales pipeline tells us all we need to know about the status of deals, what’s new, what’s closing, what’s brought forward or pushed back. 

The Service Hub can really elevate customer perception and guarantee that your customers are receiving the service that they expect. There are customer surveys, feedback forms and net promoter score quizzes to demonstrate the level of satisfaction, support tickets, and a knowledge base for answering frequently asked questions and providing additional recommendations to customers. Tools like live chat and calendar integration for booking calls enhance customer experience.

Because everything has been designed on one platform, the user experience is consistent and the data and processes interface seamlessly. This is distinctly different from the experience of working with systems that have been built by different companies, on different platforms, and then integrated together.

HubSpot also has a CMS Hub for managing content and a brand new Operations Hub that allows higher level automation, syncs all of your apps and cleans customer data. 

If you’d like to know more about what HubSpot can do for you, please get in touch.

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