It’s here – the new trading economy!

Posted 19th November 2020
By Focus7

Each year, new words get added into the dictionary as language evolves. It will come as no surprise that in 2020 the words that came into popular usage included coronavirus, covid, furlough, lockdown and social distancing. 

In business too, language patterns change. For example, before this year, I don’t think I had ever heard the word ‘pivot’ used to describe the rapid restructuring and reorganising of companies to contend with the changing circumstances. 

Sometimes, it’s not the language that changes so much as what people are talking about. In the case of business, there has been a definite change of focus as companies have understood that in the current climate, we all need to pull together. 

The approach of the past is disappearing as silo is being replaced by integration,  and companies are realising opportunities by replacing competition with collaboration. Who would have thought that Burger King would start suggesting to consumers that they should order food from McDonalds? 

Communities are pulling together and supporting the companies that they have seen doing their bit to help in challenging circumstances. Those that sought to profit quickly are losing out now whilst those who put purpose before profit will reap the benefits in the long-term.
This is a shift to a 21st Century model and Focus7 have embraced it. We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Business of Brand (BoB) who are globally recognised for the work that they do in helping businesses to become brand-led and purpose-driven. BoB has supported thousands of businesses through its Business DNA, Personal Brand and L&D programs and Focus7 are delighted to be able to deliver this IP to a wider audience.

We have been working with BoB for more than two years and this partnership represents a significant step forward, bringing together the strategic program and IP from BoB with the brand activation and implementation of Focus7.

After the success of the Unite on Purpose campaign, launched by BoB in the summer, which involved over 150 purpose-driven companies from the UK, Australia and America, the first Unite on Purpose Global Summit launches on Wednesday 25th November. This online event will be the first in a 5-year program bringing organisations together to create unity and purpose, to shift businesses into a new era through the eyes of brand and to kickstart the global economy.

The 24-hour event will be opened by Lila Karbassi from the United Nations and will feature an incredible lineup of speakers, interviews and masterclasses. If you would like to attend, please get in touch with or – there are just a few tickets left!

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