Print’s not dead – and our new manifesto proves it!

Posted 23rd August 2019
By Focus7

It’s tactile, it’s trustworthy, it’s permanent and we love it. Print! Despite what you may have read online, print is not dead – and savvy marketeers will do well to include it in their campaign mix. Here at Focus7, we’re adept in all aspects of digital marketing, but that hasn’t stopped us going to print to encapsulate our new #BrandMeansBusiness positioning in a gorgeous concertina-fold 12-page brochure.

For us, it’s the perfect way to celebrate our new manifesto – which we’ve published with pride (and printed on carbon balanced recycled paper!). We’re using the brochure as part of our own new business push: as a memorable leave-behind after an initial client meeting; a handy item to mail out to prospects; and a talking point to follow-up those impromptu elevator-pitches. If you’re not doing so already, why not add some printed collateral to your sales and marketing initiatives?

The clever tactic of using print in marketing reminds us of the resurgence in vinyl. More and more millennials are discovering and loving the touch, feel and visual appeal of a 12-inch product and packaging that so many grew up with. Just like vinyl, print feels real. You want to cherish and protect it – and for that reason it inherently feels more valuable that the transient nature of so much digital communication.

Check out this blog from down under. It may be coming from an Aussie journalistic perspective, but we couldn’t agree more with Stuart Howie’s assertion that print reaches the parts that digital simply can’t reach.

Isn’t the circle of life wonderful? To a new generation of business people, print is now a novelty… and as we in the marketing industry know, there’s nothing like freshness and uniqueness to grab people’s attention.

Talk to the team here to discuss adding print to your marketing mix or call us on 01462 262020 if you’d like us to pop a copy of our manifesto into the post for you.

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