We’re launching #BrandMeansBusiness with two new faces

Posted 26th June 2019
By Focus7

It’s time to unveil our refreshed positioning as an agency. Focus7 is now officially The Brand-led Business Growth Agency. It’s something that’s always been part of our DNA, but a recent internal brand workshop activity has enabled us to really focus on what makes us special and different.

From now on our rallying cry is #BrandMeansBusiness. As a creative hook it is confirmation of what we truly believe in and it reflects the way we approach our client relationships. Yes, we can deliver fantastic digital campaigns and all the rest, but we always start with brand essence. We define our clients’ driving purpose and how it makes them better than their competitors. We ignite that brand difference by communicating it consistently and creatively through strategic campaigns that really do help them grow.

We are adding to the impetus by adding two new faces dedicated to sustaining our own growth in Hertfordshire and beyond. Victoria Hambly joins as Account Director, to work alongside new and existing clients, while ex-Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Yolanda Rugg comes on board as Business Growth Consultant.


Vicki Hambly and Yolanda Rugg

As an experienced strategic marketer with a successful 15-year track record, Victoria brings impeccable credentials to the Focus7 team. Her speciality is developing and delivering successful strategic initiatives that exceed business objectives and maximise ROI. Yolanda is a well-known and respected face on the East Anglia business scene. The former Chamber Chief Exec is adept in strategic business development and loves thinking laterally to find innovative ways to generate income streams.

This exciting twin-hiring reflects our positioning as an agency entirely focused on delivering brand-led business growth for customers. Victoria and Yolanda will be introducing more new clients to our proven brand workshop approach. It’s our way of unlocking the real potential of their brand so we can kick-start improved performance and set them on a growth journey.

More and more clients are coming to us frustrated by lack of growth. They keep doing the same thing with their marketing, and they keep getting the same results. Our response is to establish what really sets them apart from competitors and exploiting their brand difference consistently, creatively and powerfully across all marketing channels.

If you’d like to discuss the future of your brand and business, contact or one of the Focus7 team on 01462 262020.

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