5 Things that Make Your Stationery Design Unforgettable

Posted 12th November 2018
By Focus7

Every time you receive a business card at an exhibition or a letter from a business in the post, you’re presented with another opportunity to judge them – positively or negatively. That’s why your corporate stationery design is more important than many people realise.

Businesses who do not see the value in creating highly professional stationery end up falling behind their competitors. Why? Because a lack of effort, attention to detail, and consistency makes businesses appear unprofessional, and that’s going to turn customers away.


Here are 5 things that make your stationery design unforgettable:


Consistency is key

To make your stationery design unforgettable, it has to be consistent. Business stationery includes business cards, envelopes, letterheads, notepads, and even presentation folders, but everything needs to have a uniform look. This way, when customers or clients receive your stationery, they can immediately tell who it’s from purely from the design and style. Being consistent also shows that as a brand you are professional and trustworthy, as customers know what to expect from you.


Different is good

Your business stationery doesn’t have to be boring, nor do you have to follow what everyone else is doing. In fact, by making your stationery interesting, you have the chance to really stand out and impress every time your letters are opened. We’re not saying purple shiny envelopes (although we have tried this one, and it does work), but try an impactful business card or inventive compliments slip.


Don’t be afraid of colour

Using colour can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be something to fear. Find a happy medium between way too busy and ridiculously expensive to print, and a clever way to stand out. You may need to refer to (or update) your brand guidelines to see how far you can push the colour in your corporate stationery design.


It’s all in the quality

Business stationery that is poor in quality and in design is likely to be thrown away, or completely forgotten about. If you’re spending time and effort creating your business stationery, it’s worth making sure it’s high quality. Not only is quality stationery going to help your brand appear professional, it’s going to help impress your customers and clients, and they may hold onto it for longer, so your brand is going to stick in their minds for longer.


Be experimental

Make your stationery design unforgettable by having fun with it, be experimental and try lots of different techniques. For example, your business cards don’t have to be rectangular, nor do you have to conform to the standard letterhead template. There are lots of different things you can try to make your stationery stand out such as letterpress techniques, personalised touches, and even the use of different materials and textures. When it comes to your stationery design, you can afford to get creative, just as long as it still remains on brand, the more exceptional it is, the better.


If you haven’t given your business stationery much time and attention, you’re missing out! Whilst business cards usually take the spotlight, there’s no reason why the rest of your stationery can’t as well.


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