5 Reasons a Good Corporate Logo Can Make All the Difference to your Business

Posted 22nd October 2018
By Focus7

Every business needs a logo – without one, a brand lacks visual identity; there’s no ‘face’ to the name. For example, where would the McDonald’s be without its signature golden arches? The logo is instantly recognisable, even from miles away, and is used to tie the franchise model together.  


Here are 5 reasons why every business needs a strong corporate logo:



1. Shows you off & makes a great first impression


First impressions always count. As logos are usually the first thing a consumer sees when they learn of a new brand, it’s so important to make sure that your corporate logo is designed to influence the perception of your brand accurately – from it’s colour to use of font or icon and image – people form first impressions well within 10 seconds of seeing a logo. A study by Google¹ on first impressions on websites found that users spent 6.48 seconds observing the logo area of a new website before moving on to investigate the rest of the site. It’s also been suggested that users form first impressions within 17 milliseconds² so first impressions are definitely key to whether your prospects will go on to become customers.. A poorly designed logo has the ability to turn consumers away, particularly if it portrays an uncredible or unprofessional company.



2. Increases your recognition


As well as helping brands to showcase what they about, an impactful corporate logo also helps to increase brand recognition. Colour can be absolutely key for recognition – it’s claimed that colour increases brand recognition by as much as 80%³ As logos are found everywhere, a memorable logo is more likely to stick in the minds of your audience, and so the next time they come across it, there’s a higher chance they’ll recall it. In densely populated markets, quick and accurate recognition and recall are some of the most powerful tools you’ll have over your competitors.



3. Builds trust & demonstrates values


If a logo isn’t professional-looking and in line with modern branding trends, not only will it turn consumers away, it’s not going to form part of a brand that helps build trust and loyalty. Your logo needs to sit alongside other strong brand collateral including imagery, brand colours and fonts, and tone of voice to create an experience a customer can relate to. A good brand can demonstrate professionalism, trustworthiness, maturity, ingenuity… whatever you need it to, provided it’s thought through well enough. Chat with your designer about what you need your logo to say about you.



4. Sets you apart from the competition


Getting your corporate logo to stand out from your competitors doesn’t mean throwing every possible colour together with a dusting of glitter on top! Great logos can be minimalist, quirky, colourful, or even busy, bear in mind your core brand values and your target audience. If all of your competitors are using blue (known for communications, calmness and productivity – used by a lot of corporates) look at using another colour such as yellow (optimistic, helpful, clear) or green (wealth, life force, luck, relaxation). If they all have font-based logos, pick an icon. If you stand out, customers will take note of your logo like magpies to shiny objects.



5. Increase your brand equity


Think, Nike, Aston Martin and Breitling – if a customer is prepared to pay more for a product because it has a brand name or logo on it, then that’s brand equity. A strong brand presence and logo that a consumer can attach prestige to will be worth more in the long run. Although building strong brand equity takes time and consistency, the emotional connection is signified through the presence and recognition of the logo so the efforts of creating a strong, impactful logo in line with your company values is key..


If this has got you thinking about taking a look at your own logo, get in touch with our branding team for a no-obligation chat on how to maximise its potential on 01462 262020, or email us at

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