6 Reasons Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Posted 16th October 2018
By Focus7

In today’s digitally-focused world of instant gratification, you could be forgiven for thinking that the time for ‘snail mail’ has passed. An often expensive medium, direct mail sometimes doesn’t seem worth the time and effort – but as any good marketer knows, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It just all depends on how you do it.

Creativity and thinking outside of the box is the key to bringing direct mail back into the spotlight it deserves. Plus, with the onset of GDPR slashing marketable email lists, why not take advantage of another form of marketing – there’s no reason not to! Here are 6 reasons why direct mail isn’t dead:


1. Direct mail can be tailored specifically to target your audience

Similarly to forms of digital marketing, direct mail can be specifically tailored to your audience, including existing customers and new prospects. Although direct mail is more expensive than an email campaign, you’re at least guaranteed that your target audience will receive your mail and it won’t just end up in spam.


2. It’s personal and adds value  

One of direct mail’s many benefits is that it’s personal. Unlike emails, which spam our inboxes until we can’t quite bear to ever open them again, receiving mail in the post is like an unexpected surprise, especially as it’s become less common. Personalised touches add value, showing your customers you care about them and have taken the time to reach out and advertise your services to them.


3. It has a high ROI

Although email marketing continues to hold the top spot for ROI, there’s no denying that direct mail is still a team player. According to the Marketing Charts for Direct Marketing ROI Mediums in June 2017, direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, compared to social media with 30% and paid search at 23%.


4. With creativity, direct mail can be very memorable

Direct mail has the chance to really stand out; all you need is a spark of creativity, a bit of imagination, and you can create marketing material that’s really going to wow your audience. Not only that, but if your direct mail is creative, it’s likely to make a lasting impression of your brand as a whole. We’re particular fans of this creative approach by IKEA, a brand that consistently create unique and innovative direct mail – a handcrafted, cross-stitched real-life ‘email’.

Ikea cross stitch direct mail

Credit: LIDA

As long as it relates to the services or products you offer, direct mail offers a lot more freedom for creativity which email can’t always provide.


5. It increases your brand awareness & trust

Direct mail is great for increasing your brand awareness, and ultimately, recognition, trust and loyalty. Not only will your logo and branding be seen, but the quality of your direct mail can also send a message about the quality and level of your service. For example, what says ‘high end luxury’ better: an email with a picture or a glossy hardback brochure?


6. Direct mail can work alongside digital marketing

Many successful marketing strategies use multiple channels to achieve great results, rather than simply relying on one. Therefore, instead of running a direct mail campaign and then forgetting all about it, try integrating it with digital marketing, i.e. PPC ads, a video or a social campaign. For example, include a hashtag in your direct mail that, if someone tweets you using the hashtag, will get them a discount voucher. By bringing the offline back online, you’ll increase your reach and potential touchpoints.


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