The Power of the Polar Hug: Inspiration from Michael McGrath

Posted 9th August 2018
By Focus7

The Focus7 team are passionate supporters of our friends at The Muscle Help Foundation, a small charity rooted in family values supporting young people with Muscular Dystrophy; their founder and CEO is Michael McGrath.

Michael was invited to close this year’s University of Warwick TEDx event with an insightful, empowering and inspirational talk that, through his own life experiences, explores the power of possible and our uniqueness as human beings.

Despite being a world-known record-setter and symbol of unwavering resilience, in “The Power of the Polar Hug” Michael talks about the importance of not being afraid to show vulnerability. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 18, Michael made history 20 years later by becoming the first—and only—disabled person to lead expeditions to the North and South Poles.


Michael says,

‘The Power of the Polar Hug’ included a vulnerability I shared for the very first time publicly around my inability to simply give a hug due to the deteriorative nature of muscular dystrophy – whilst the power of the hug is the central theme running through the talk, the messages of kindness, compassion and love prevail. In guiding our thinking and our behaviours and in trying to work out how well we understand our emotions as well as the emotions of others, aka Emotional Intelligence (EI), the talk is designed to engage both hearts and minds.”


We invite you to watch and share ‘The Power of the Polar Hug’:



If you would like to know more about the exceptional work carried out by The Muscle Help Foundation, visit their website at

To find out more about Michael McGrath, go to or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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