Can Infusionsoft Integrate with WordPress?

Posted 1st August 2018
By Focus7

If you’re looking to discover if Infusionsoft can integrate with WordPress, the good news is yes – it absolutely can. But what are the benefits of doing so?


What is WordPress?


WordPress is a versatile content management system (CMS) allowing users to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. Although it used to be recognised as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a much larger piece of software, with the capabilities to host business websites, e-commerce stores, and even landing pages.


Why integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress?


If you have a WordPress site and are looking to build your email list, Infusionsoft lets you do just that. Whilst there are many plugins and tools that offer similar features, Infusionsoft has everything you need in one easy to use package. Infusionsoft lets you capture new leads and segment them into separate categories. It also enables you to follow up leads by creating customised emails to further help sell your product or service to your customers. It’s also important to note that self-hosted WordPress provides greater flexibility when integrating Infusionsoft, especially to modify codes to suit your needs.


Integrating Infusionsoft with WordPress is easy, with Infusionsoft’s free plugin. Anytime a customer fills in a sign-up or marketing opt-in form on WordPress, their details will be automatically added into your Infusionsoft contact list for greater efficiency and speed.


4 other reasons to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress


One dashboard gives you complete control

As both Infusionsoft and WordPress operate with one central dashboard, integrating the two together presents you with a joint dashboard that can completely control your website from one single point.


Create effective marketing strategies

When integrated together, Infusionsoft and WordPress help you to come up with detailed marketing strategies, built around your core business objectives, to improve your success rate and level of engagement.


Upscale your business

Another key feature of integrating Infusionsoft with WordPress is that it helps you upscale your business, especially as it provides you with complete control over the automation of your site, without having to sacrifice your time, or your customer relationships.


Manage analytics and sales reports

Integrating Infusionsoft with WordPress also lets you manage your data, analytics and sales reports, which in turn, allows you to then target your audience with more precision and further increase your sales.


As any business owner knows, using just one platform to manage your business and marketing means greater efficiency, improved productivity and better results. Infusionsoft has made it incredibly easy to integrate with WordPress, ensuring the success of your marketing, and understanding of your contacts for improved business.


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