5 Infusionsoft Marketing Techniques for Real Business Growth

Posted 24th July 2018
By Focus7

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Infusionsoft (now Keap) offers many marketing techniques to help your business achieve the results you deserve.

One of the greatest advantages of using Infusionsoft is being able to maximise customer engagement through marketing automation.

By streamlining your marketing, Infusionsoft also allows you to create simple, or even complex, campaigns based on actions such as sales team tasks completed, e.g. appointment made, customer actions such as email opened, clicked, landing page visited or webform submitted to ensure your customers have the best experience of your business, and help your sales team in delivering that experience.

Infusionsoft have a wealth of knowledge and know-how to draw from when it comes to marketing techniques.

5 examples of Infusionsoft marketing techniques:

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the process of attracting the attention of prospects, typically through content marketing (see point number 2) to bring leads to you as opposed to vying for their attention.

Infusionsoft can support your inbound marketing efforts with landing pages created within the software that connect responses directly back to it.

If you’ve sent out an email sharing a piece of value, i.e. a white paper, the landing page could be designed to capture information in exchange for the content.

As soon as a prospect fills in the landing page, Infusionsoft will create or update the contact record with the information.

Content marketing

Delivering a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great Infusionsoft marketing technique to support a broader content marketing strategy.

Your newsletter doesn’t need to cost you huge amounts of time and effort: it could simply be a tool for sharing your existing blogs. Infusionsoft features a ‘drag and drop’ feature, allowing users to create simple email newsletters quickly.

One of the benefits of using Infusionsoft for email newsletters is the capability to review which customers clicked on which links, highlighting areas of success and areas for improvement.

If you’d rather send your blogs out directly as they’re created, Infusionsoft also allows you use third-party apps, such as FeedBolt and RSS to automatically deliver new blog posts to your database.

A/B split testing

Another Infusionsoft marketing technique is A/B split testing, allowing you to test different offers and emails on your contacts to determine their success.

For example, when creating an email campaign, it’s important your subject line catches your customers’ attention, so that it doesn’t get sent to the trash bin before it’s even been opened.

Split testing by sending half your list one subject line, and the other half another subject line, allows you to practically test both to rate their success, therefore helping you to make improvements to your campaigns in the future. It’s about understanding what your customers’ want, and what it really going to catch their eye.

Lead nurture campaign

When you’ve captured a new lead, a possible ‘hot prospect’, the last thing you want them to do is ‘cool off’ through being ignored.

That’s what makes an automatic nurture campaign so effective – it enables you to nudge the prospect towards the purchase without necessarily having to do anything.

In Infusionsoft, you can build campaigns that are automatically triggered when a prospect signs up to receive marketing to, for example, deliver 1 informative email a week for 6 weeks, or to deliver 3 different offers depending upon their interests.

By nurturing your leads in this way, you’re less likely to miss out on a sale by having them fall through the cracks.

Create meaningful segments

The more targeted the marketing, the more effective it’ll be. If you segment your database effectively, whether by geographical location, job title, product preference or any other factor, you’ll see better results than sending just one message to your entire database.

Infusionsoft has a tagging system, which allows you to categorise your list in a vast number of different ways. It can also tag automatically: for example, if a prospect fills in a landing page and indicates their interest in Product A, Infusionsoft could immediately attribute ‘Product A Prospect’ to that contact’s record.

With the above Infusionsoft marketing techniques, there’s no reason why your business can’t be a great success. Infusionsoft’s marketing automation features really do make your life easier, as well as completely streamlining the way you market to your customers.

For more advice on Infusionsoft marketing techniques, why not give our team a call on 01462 262020, or email

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