The Benefits of Infusionsoft to any SME

Posted 16th July 2018
By Focus7

As a small to medium sized business owner or senior stakeholder, you’re probably juggling multiple tasks – and most likely plenty of those tasks are things you’d rather not be spending your valuable time on.

Infusionsoft CRM can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on the things that matter rather than being consumed by daily tasks.

Marketing plays a massive role in growing your business, but it can be very time consuming, which is why Infusionsoft eliminates your worries by doing the majority of the work for you.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a leading sales and marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for small to medium sized businesses looking for a simpler solution to managing their daily tasks, sales and marketing.  

What are the benefits of Infusionsoft to SME businesses?

Save time with automated marketing

Infusionsoft enables you to automate your marketing for better business management. It also gives you more time to focus on generating new sales and managing your customer relationships. Rather than having to worry about spending time manually sending out emails from your inbox, compiling your consumer and prospect lists, or even trying to analyse your data, Infusionsoft allows you to streamline everything in one place for greater efficiency, and a more professional marketing look and feel.

Supporting your customers, and your sales team

Another benefit of Infusionsoft for SME businesses is the ability to collect data about your customers that’ll help you to target your campaigns more specifically. By understanding who your customers are, and what their behaviour is like in regards to your marketing activity, your business is given the opportunity to effectively target them based on their data. Infusionsoft also offers the option for users to automatically assign leads to your sales team, giving them the reminders, process and tools they need to chase those leads.

Personalise your customer experience

As an SME business, it’s so valuable for your customers to receive a high quality marketing experience so they feel reassured by their decision to choose your brand. Part of that includes catering to your customers’ requirements and personalising their experience. With Infusionsoft, you can not only personalise customer communications by first name fields (or title and last name, if you’re feeling formal!) but by grouping your customers into different categories based on their behaviour, you can create completely unique experiences, tailored to maximise your marketing efforts, and really make an impact on your customers.

Access information at all times

As an SME business, it’s crucial to be able to be reactive and agile – to make the most of opportunities as they arise. So, to be able to access your customer information and data at all times, to check on their response to a campaign, or solve an issue can be vital. Infusionsoft allows you to access your data easily, regardless of the time and place, as well as making it easy to update information concerning your customers at all times. As communication plays such a huge part in any business, Infusionsoft makes it possible to keep communication alive as out of hours functions enable your customers to get in touch, no matter what the time.

Stay on top of billing

With Infusionsoft, users can also stay on top of their billing with billing automation. When customers request a quote, Infusionsoft allows you to automatically email the quote to the customer, and saves the record of having done so against the customer record – saving you the time of doing both tasks. Infusionsoft also supports e-commerce platforms with features that can charge customer credit cards for online orders, subscriptions, or any purchases that are made on a payment plan. The campaign builder element helps you to create automatic tasks to make sure you’re always on top of your billing, and no invoices fall through the cracks.

Improve the efficiency of your employees

To ensure your business completes tasks on time, and achieves set goals, Infusionsoft helps to improve time management. For example, Infusionsoft allows employees to synchronise their calendars, enabling entire departments of your business to keep track of employees’ task management and responses. Not only that, but Infusionsoft lets users relay daily task reports for tasks that are of the highest priority first, therefore helping them manage their workload more effectively.

The benefits of Infusionsoft for SME businesses are endless. As a sales and marketing software solution, Infusionsoft gives businesses a helping hand towards achieving success and business growth.

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