5 Ways to Make Your Corporate Branding Stand Out From the Rest

Posted 3rd July 2018
By Focus7

Branding is all about showing off. We know what you’re thinking: nobody likes a show off! But meek and gentle brands simply won’t get heard in today’s noise. You don’t need to be arrogant or pushy, simply embrace what makes your brand unique!

When it comes to corporate branding, there’s no need hold back on your branding efforts. In order to stand out against your competitors, you really can’t afford to follow what everyone else is doing; you need to carve your own branding path, and that involves determination and imagination.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is also a requirement for increasing your sales, profits and success.

So how can you make your corporate branding stand out?

Define your unique selling point

One of the greatest ways to make your corporate branding stand out is to offer your consumers something truly unique to you.

Whatever your unique selling point may be, it should be evident throughout your branding so that consumers are completely aware of what you have to offer. You want them to choose your brand over what other competitors in the market are selling.

Remain consistent

Consistency is extremely important in branding. A brand that fails at consistency creates a less dependable image, resulting in either a loss of customers or a lack of new business.

Everything involved in the branding process needs to complement each other and work together. For example, if your tone of voice is formal and direct, but your website and design is bursting with colour and creativity, you’re confusing your consumers as to who you are as a brand.

Increase your visibility

Increasing your visibility is another excellent way to make sure your corporate branding stands out – literally.

It may seem obvious, but getting your brand out into the world as much as possible will ensure it is being seen by prospective customers and clients, and therefore help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Great ways to increase your business’ visibility include getting active on social media, attending events, guest blogging, or by partnering with another organisation or charity.  

Don’t be afraid to be different

Another way to make your branding stand out is to be experimental. Just because your brand is corporate, doesn’t mean it has to get lost in a sea of competitors that all look and feel the same.

To stand out you have to be bold and take risks, just as long as they are thoughtfully planned out. Also, development doesn’t just stop when you’re happy with the outcome; it’s a continuous process. So, keep pushing your brand further, keep experimenting, and dare to be different from the rest.  

Create a unique experience

Customer experience is a key trend in the world of marketing and sales, as consumers no longer buy into products, but the lifestyle and experience of a brand.

Your brand is no longer just a logo and colour palette, it’s a living entity that has the power to transform a consumer’s experience. So, in order to stand out, create a unique, memorable experience for your audience, and give them a reason to talk about your brand to others; this will only improve your business growth and brand recognition.

With these 6 easy ways to make your corporate brand stand out, you no longer have to hide behind your competitors – the stage is all yours!

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