5 Tips For Writing Great Copy About An ‘Unsexy’ Solution

Posted 15th May 2018
By Focus7

It’s easy to write about an idyllic seaside resort, or a luxury car, or a celebrity endorsed make-up line – because these aspirational, emotionally-loaded products sell themselves. But what happens when your product or service isn’t so ‘sexy’? When you’re operating in a traditionally ‘dry’ industry that prizes function over flashy frivolity? Good news: you don’t have to stick with dull content.

This Learning at Work Week, I’m sharing the tips I’ve learnt over the last 3 years with Focus7 for writing great copy about a ‘dry’ product or service:

 1. Don’t be boring!

As the copywriter, it’s down to you to make it sexy. You can make any product or service more appealing using the persuasive tools in your arsenal. Do something a little differently! Crack a joke, be sarcastic, make a pop culture reference… if your brand guidelines allow, stand out with a witty angle.

 2. Benefits, benefits, benefits.

No customer cares if your software can connect this solution with that back end system… they care about what the benefit is to them. Mention the features if you must, but focus on the rewards. Talk about all the time they’ll save, so that they can go home early on a Friday and spend more time with their kids. Talk about all the money they’ll save so they can reinvest in the business and retain their best staff. We’re all innately selfish, so always focus on how they can benefit.

 3. It’s not Belgium  – no time for waffle.

Less is more. Don’t waffle on unnecessarily, and don’t use 20 words when 5 will do. Short, sharp and to the point is the best way to get a complex theme across and guarantee comprehension. Which leads me to my next point…

 4. No jargon!

Yes, some of your customers might know what you’re talking about when you use incredibly industry-specific terminology. But why risk alienating those that don’t? It’s tempting to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of what you do by using jargon, but often it just muddies the water. Be clear and straightforward in your language and you’ll see better results. Run it past someone not in your industry as a litmus test.

 5. Tell a story.

Since our days dressed in furs huddled round campfires, we’ve used stories to share experiences. We feel emotionally connected to stories: we picture ourselves in the tale. So whenever possible, it’s always best to tell a story about your product or service. Feel like you don’t have any stories to tell? Get your team in a room and have them talk about their best customer successes. Talk about the pain points and objections you come across. Stories and anecdotes will naturally fall out of these discussions because people talk in stories. Then it’s your job to spin them into a tale that sells.

There’s no such thing as a truly boring product or service, just truly boring copy! Implement these strategies when writing about your solution, and you’ll capture the attention of your target audience in no time.

Looking for support with writing great marketing copy? Call our content team on 01462 262020 or email, and we’ll be happy to help. You can also view some case studies over at our client work area to see how we’ve helped businesses in the past with their copywriting.

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