Learning At Work: An Ode To Operations

Posted 14th May 2018
By Focus7

For Learning at Work Week, the Focus7 Operations team summarised their learnings in the form of a poem which – we hope you agree – is pretty ingenious!


So here I am leading Focus7’s Op Team

How did I get here, living my dream

Leona is F7 Ops number 1

Leads from the front and knows how to have fun

I’m next in line, I manage my staff

Expecting high standards and still with a laugh

I’m a solver of problems, I have one to ones

A good team meeting I never will shun

I deal with recruitment, do job interviews 

Meet different people with a variety of views

Training and payroll, sort out pensions I will

I’ve got lots of talents and I pay the bills

But I couldn’t do it without a great team

Carry on reading, you’ll know what I mean


About the role of an Executive Assistant

I always need to be consistent

Whether its holiday requests or coffee making

I even do the minute taking

Purchase orders are top priority

Getting them signed off by the correct authority

The diaries always give me a headache

Stuffed up with meetings so full they might break

My favourite part is the IT issues

There may be a few tears, pass me the tissues

Of course, have no fear at the end of the day

Draig’s water bowl’s filled before I go on my way!


Hi, I’m Sharon the Finance Manager

I make sure day to day we keep ourselves out of danger

I strive to keep Her Majesty’s Revenue happy

By submitting PAYE and VAT returns pretty snappy

I love monthly sales graphs in the form of a chart

This hopefully makes the sales team look very smart

Running month end reports for our asset depreciation

Is one way to learn the value of their true appreciation

Processing accruals and prepayments for month end reports,

Reflects correct costs so that nothing distorts

I check expense claims, invoices are processed,

This to ensure all monthly costs are addressed

Each year we prepare a budget for expenses and income,

So we can plan for another great year to come!


My name is Siu May, are you all okay?

See me, I do the greetings and servicing of meetings

And when you’re resting, I’m doing our email testing

Please don’t forget to give me your expenses honey,
So I can give you back some of your hard earned money

When you get a chance take a look, at our staff handbook

And my favourite job… is walking the DOG!


This is the life in the role of a Finance Assistant

I’ll chase you for our money, I will be persistent! 

I do love a Customer Invoice Request

But getting these bad boys can be a test

Learning new things I can take to quite well

Unless you want to know about cash flow, then give Sharon a bell!

To name a few that I can actually do –

Expenses, Invoicing and Purchase Orders too

Working for the Ops team is dandy and swell

We’re a strong bunch of girls and get on so well

Let’s be honest, my true superpower

Is not just being able to drink 20 shots in an hour

Because when it comes to good old Xero

I’m Focus7’s superhero!


Bridget Webb
Fay Monk
Sharon Timm
Siu May Cheung
Charlotte Stevens

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