6 Ways To Beat Social Algorithms And Grow Your Business

Posted 4th April 2018
By Focus7

Social media algorithms are causing a lot of worry and controversy among the business community. They were designed to help companies find a way to easily connect interesting content to readers, as well as help advertisers who could not afford traditional marketing. However, for many, this doesn’t seem to be the case and engagement is hard to come by, especially for a small growing businesses. But don’t panic. There are still many ways that you can utilise the algorithms to help your business grow – here’s how:

1. Be genuine

To conform to the algorithms, you may think it’s best to produce content you think will achieve great engagement, rather than content that represents what your business about, but that isn’t going to help you attract the right community. Therefore, it’s important to be genuine; to post content that is relevant to your business and showcases your USP and brand story

2. Engage

Engaging with others on social media is a fantastic way to beat the algorithms. Simply liking content is not enough to stand out and make sure your accounts are being seen; you have to prove to the algorithm that you are a genuine user who actively and consistently engages with others.

3. Share content

Don’t be afraid to share content more than once, as long as you don’t do it repeatedly and annoy your followers, as sharing more than once guarantees that more people will see it. Make an effort to share content from your audience, or even retweet other businesses – if you think they have something worth speaking about, it’s best to give them the credit than try to palm it off as your own.

4. Use targeted hashtags

Including keyword hashtags in your social posts is a great way to increase the amount of people who see your post. Depending on your business, and who your target audience is, it’s crucial to use specific, targeted hashtags to gain their attention. Research which tags are being used most often on each platform to generate the best results. You can also jump on the bandwagon of hashtags created for specific national events or current affairs… provided they are relevant, of course.

5. Review your strategy

If you still find that the algorithms aren’t working for you, then it may be best to review your social strategy and refocus on the community you have already built. Maybe you’re posting at the wrong time of day, or too much or too little, so it’s important to analyse your audience’s behaviour to make the most out of them.

6. Give it time

Social success does not happen overnight – it takes hard work and time. Don’t let numbers and a lack of traffic frustrate you, instead, focus on the community you have and build solid relationships with them. Make your network something others are desperate to be a part of.

Most importantly, don’t give up. It is frustrating when time and effort have been put into creating social content, only to be rewarded by few users interacting with it. But by remaining consistent and genuine, beating the algorithms and securing success on social is possible for any business.

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