‘Apprenticeships Work’: Why Apprenticeships Should Be Celebrated

Posted 9th March 2018
By Focus7

One of the hottest debates taking place within the education sector is whether too many school leavers go to university. According to UCAS, there has been a significant rise in school leavers attending university, with a record number of 18 years olds staying in education, compared to those venturing into the workplace. However, with new alternative career opportunities, such as apprenticeships, university might not always be the best option depending on the individual.

In recent years, attitudes towards apprenticeships have evolved, and they are finally being recognised as an equal alternative to pursuing a degree at university. In fact, since 2014, 56,200 workers have enrolled onto higher and degree level apprenticeships to strengthen their knowledge and training in a variety of industries.

No longer are apprenticeships limited to careers in trade, such as plumbing, or hairdressing. There’s now a wealth of different subjects on offer ranging from office-based service roles such as marketing, publishing and accountancy, to roles within engineering and the arts.

Whilst valuable skills can be learnt from either route of education, it ultimately comes down to the individual and what is best for their future career. Of course, it is necessary for a student training to be a doctor to attend university, but students shouldn’t feel as though university is their only hope for a great career – apprenticeships are just as worthy.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, here are a few reasons why they are an excellent career choice:

  • Apprenticeships offer a practical approach to learning
  • Apprentices gain necessary hands-on experience
  • Apprenticeships can lead to further training, such as foundation degree or a full honours
  • Apprenticeships provide students with an income whilst training
  • Apprentices are highly regarded by employers

At Focus7, we believe there is a place for both graduates, and apprentices, as each brings with them their own range of knowledge, skillset and experience to a business. As patrons of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, and members of The Institute of Directors, we value getting people together to discuss and identify the best way to help nurture the young people who are the future of business.

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