5 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Work Performance

Posted 21st February 2018
By Focus7

Mindfulness is a growing trend for good reason. As we learn more about what makes for a healthier, happier working environment, many of us are looking for ways to improve our work-life balance and make the most out of our days. The greatest thing about mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere, any time, for as long as you want – you make the rules. So, if you’re thinking of jumping on the mindfulness bandwagon, here are 5 ways that it can help improve your work performance:

1. Improves your focus

Remaining focused at work isn’t always easy. Sometimes, when there are a thousand thoughts on your mind, paying attention to the task at hand is difficult. However, practising mindfulness helps you to become aware of your thoughts in order to focus on one thing at a time. This of course helps you to improve your focus at work when juggling multiple tasks and deadlines at once.

2. Improves creativity

Results from a study carried out at Leiden University in the Netherlands showed that mindfulness and meditation helps to promote creative thinking, even if you have never meditated before. Mindfulness switches on what’s called divergent thinking, meaning you open up your mind to new ideas, unleashing your creativity.

3. Improves teamwork

As mindfulness has been show to increase empathy, it can prevent conflicts with co-workers and instead, promote better teamwork. The corporate environment is full of employee stress and pressure to work towards deadlines, all of which can negatively impact the way you interact with your colleagues, but mindfulness improves wellbeing.

4. Improves your energy levels

When it comes to boosting energy levels, many of us turn to coffee and caffeinated energy drinks for help. The problem with these is that they only offer a temporary solution and do not really solve your energy problem. Meditation and mindfulness however, calms and focuses the mind, which is a highly effective solution for increased energy. Of course, increased energy levels can make such a difference to your work ethic and put a spring in your step.

5. Improves communication

Practising mindfulness also helps to improve your communication skills. Focusing the mind and bringing your thoughts to the present moment allows you to become fully engaged in conversations. As communication skills are vital in any workplace, enhancing them will help you to become more efficient at work.

Whether the idea of mindfulness appeals to you or not, there is no harm in taking a few minutes of your day to practice and experience the benefits.

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