5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing in B2B

Posted 20th February 2018
By Focus7

In 2017, 87% of online marketers used video content. One-third of online activity is also spent watching video, showing just how popular this form of content is, but many B2B businesses have no idea where to start when it comes to producing video content. Whilst videos created by B2C businesses are experimental and creative, there is no reason as to why your B2B business can’t produce the same, as long as your message is clear and informative. Here are 5 reasons to use video marketing in your B2B business:


1. Live streaming video content is on the rise
As more people spend time on their social media channels, more users are engaging with live video content than ever before. The more engaged users are becoming, the more they want to feel connected to the brands they are loyal to, and live streaming is a great way to take advantage of your customers attention.


2. 73% of buyers make a purchase after watching a video
Video content has an extremely positive impact on customers when making a purchase. 73% of consumers want to get to know a brand and see the product or service they are interested in, in action, before making a purchase. Therefore, whether your video content is creative or not, if it helps to showcase your B2B business, it is an extremely useful way to generate new and existing sales.


3. Improves your engagement and conversion
Video content is a fantastic way to create engagement; especially on social media platforms as many users are more likely to comment, like and share your video with others, helping to increase your reach. Video also converts more customers than any other content marketing strategy, as 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates outperform other methods.


4. Videos build loyalty and trust
With the help of video content, you can build trust which leads to conversions and sales; it also creates long-term relationships which is crucial for any B2B business. The most powerful tool in video marketing is the ability to ignite emotion in your audience, which ultimately makes a lasting impression on them and cements relationships further.


5. Improve search engine rankings
By creating a YouTube page for your B2B business, you can also reap the benefits of a whole new audience and improve your search engine ranking. It also gives you the ability to manage your data statistics with YouTube Insights and Google Analytics, so you can better understand who your audience is and how well your videos are performing, as well as discover popular search terms and tags.


So, if you’re not already implementing video content into your marketing strategy, there has never been a better time to take advantage of all the possibilities video has to offer.


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