6 Easy Ways to Build Your Brand Online As a Start-Up

Posted 6th February 2018
By Focus7

As a start-up business, your priority is most likely to drive sales, increase profit and generate new leads. However, whilst this is important in order to become a successful business, it is just as crucial to invest in your brand, especially online, to increase your opportunities and reach out to new business. Building your brand online does takes time, and it’s likely you won’t see results overnight, but if you get it right, the results will be worth it. Here are 6 easy ways to build your brand online:


1. Stand out with a unique brand name

Firstly, if you want to stand out online and become recognisable, it is important to create a unique brand name that not only grabs your audiences’ attention, but also shouts what your brand is about. Your brand name has to convey your personality, tone, values, and ultimately what your customers can expect from you.


2. Create a recognisable logo

Along with creating a unique brand name comes designing a recognisable logo. Again, your logo needs to take into consideration the identity of your brand, including colour schemes, styles, composition and personality. Your logo is what your customers first encounter when viewing your brand, so a strong design helps them to understand what your business is about. Also, as our digitised attention spans get ever shorter, your logo must spark the interest of your customers almost immediately to convince them to look further.


3. Build a great, easy to navigate website

There’s no point in having a great brand name and logo if they can’t be seen online. Your website is your digital real estate, and is a vital positioning tool on which customers can find out more or make a purchase. However, when it comes to building and designing your website, it must be clear and easy to navigate. A poorly designed website that is cluttered and difficult to explore will push potential clients away.


4. Share your brand across different social platforms

Another great way to build your brand online is to share your content across different social platforms. This increases your visibility; your organic reach and gets your brand name noticed. Sharing your website and the products and services you offer will lead potential customers to your website, therefore increasing your chance of new sales.


5. Build an email list

With so many brands competing for attention, customers can feel like they are being bombarded with information all at once. To make sure that your brand is not being overlooked, building an email list is a great way to make sure your customers know when you have something new to offer. Email marketing does have a high conversion rate and generates traffic, so it is important to focus on building an email list as early on as possible. However, with new GDPR regulations coming into force in May this year, it is vital that your email list is developed, and consent to marketing is obtained, through legitimate means.


6. Engage with your target audience and stay active

Finally, if you really want to start building lasting relationships with your customers from the get go, then genuine engagement and interaction is your answer. Although it can be time consuming, social media has made it easier than ever to connect with customers, and is the perfect opportunity to give your brand a true voice. It’s also important to stay active online to make sure your brand is remaining visible, and to continue sharing content and improving your brand awareness.


Whilst building an online brand presence seems like a lot of work, it really does have the ability to take your business to the next level.


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