6 Reasons Why Photography Matters to Your Brand

Posted 30th January 2018
By Focus7

Visual communication is important in any business, and it’s what really helps to sell a service or product. For that reason, photography is becoming more and more important, especially when marketing your brand. Research has shown that visuals can increase your audience’s willingness to continue reading your content by 80%, so here are 6 other reasons why photography matters:


1. Photographs grab attention faster

Researches in the US found that the human brain can interpret images that the eyes see in just 13 milliseconds – a rapid processing speed. Ultimately, when it comes to marketing your business, your brand photography is going to grab the attention a lot faster, so it needs to attract prospects for the right reasons, as well as being memorable.


2. Photography increases engagement

As visuals are a lot easier to consume than long bodies of text, photographs are extremely effective when used for social media. Campaigns that use images generate more engagement on social networks than campaigns without. By sharing strong brand visuals online, you’ll improve your reach and set your photography apart from competitors.


3. Photographs evoke emotions

Photography is a powerful tool for evoking emotions in consumers. When it comes to buying your products or services, they often let emotion influence their decision-making, and are more likely to part with their cash for a brand with strong visuals. Your photography should match the tone of your brand; whether that’s comical, emotive or formal, it’s important your visuals portray the same.


4. Professional photography creates a favourable impression

First impressions are important – especially in business. If your brand photography looks professional and established, consumers will believe that your brand is one they can trust. This in turn leads to strong, valuable relationships and an increase in sales.


5. Photography improves understanding

Photographs can really help your target audience understand your brand better by communicating what your brand is about, your brand’s tone, what your services or products are, and what your overall message is.


6. Photographs can go viral

As visuals perform better on levels of engagement on social media, they are also more likely to go viral if your audience shares it online with different communities and on different social channels. Going viral helps to build brand credibility, brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Photography really does have the power to improve your brand’s credibility and really make a positive impact on your audience – so, get snapping now!


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