How to Improve Your Consumers’ Online Experience with Better Ads

Posted 23rd January 2018
By Focus7

As the web has grown, so has online advertising. However, the emergence of ad blocking shows that many consumers are frustrated by the amount of disruptive ads popping up on their browser, delaying their access to content and creating a negative online experience.

To improve consumer experience, the Coalition for Better Ads conducted research to find out what types of online ads consumers found disruptive to their web experience. Google Chrome has also announced that from the 15th February, certain ads will be blocked, including Google’s own ads as well. However, it will only affect websites that do not pass the Better Ads standards.

Improve your customers’ online experience by avoiding these types of ads, voted as the least preferred, most annoying ads experienced:


Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads do exactly that – they pop up, blocking the main content of the page. They come in many varieties but are the most commonly named annoyances for visitors.  


Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound

Auto-playing video ads play sound without any user interaction. They are extremely disruptive to users as they catch them off guard. However, ads that require a click to activate sound are still approved by the Better Ads Standard.


Prestitial Ads with Countdown

Prestitial Countdown ads appear before the content of a webpage has loaded, forcing uses to wait for a number of seconds before they can skip the ad, or wait for the ad to close on its own.


Large Sticky Ads

Large sticky ads stick to the edge of a webpage and are static, therefore taking up more 30% of the screen no matter where the user moves scrolls to on the page.


Ad Density Higher Than 30%

For ads on a mobile page that take up 30% of the vertical height of the main content portion of the page, the result is a frustrating user experience. The density of these ads can make it difficult to focus on text, especially on a mobile page.


Flashing Animated Ads

Ads that flash rapidly with changing background images and colours are extremely aggravating for consumer. However, animations that do not flash are still accepted by the initial Better Ads standards.


Postitial Ads with Countdown

Unlike Prestitial ads with a countdown, Postitial ads appear after users follow a link. They force users to wait until the ad can be dismissed, and can frustrate users by breaking the flow of content.


Full-Screen Scrollover Ads

Full-Screen Scrollover ads force users to scroll the entirety of the ad that appears on top of content. They take up more than 30% of the page and usually obstruct main content.


By avoiding these ads on your mobile and desktop site, you’ll improve consumer experience and keep them browsing your website for longer!

If you would like advice on how you can improve the consumer experience of your website to meet the Better Ads Standard, please do not hesitate to call our team on 01462 262020 for a no-obligation chat, email or contact us here

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