4 Tips for Creating Campaigns That Deliver

Posted 16th January 2018
By Focus7

Coming up with ideas for campaigns can be difficult. It’s not as simple as choosing a theme or idea and running with it – there is so much you have to consider. Before finalising your campaign brief, it’s important you take into account your budget, what you want the campaign to achieve, what your message is, who your audience are, and exactly what form your campaign will take. Here are four tips for helping you to create campaigns that deliver:

1. Define your goals

When brainstorming ideas for your next campaign, it’s important to define exactly what your intentions and goals are, and how you are going to achieve them. There is no point spending time creating a campaign if it doesn’t have a clear message, or if you don’t know what its desired objective is. Defining your goals at the very beginning will not only help you to map out the structure of the campaign in detail, it will also help you to measure your success.  

2. Understand your audience  

As well as setting goals, it’s also just as important that you understand your audience in order to deliver a successful, worthwhile campaign. Understanding how your customers currently engage with your brand will help you to determine what form your campaign should be. For example, for customers with an active, online presence, a social media campaign is more likely to generate ROI than a newsletter.

3. Play to your USP strengths

Whilst it is great to come up with original ideas that will set you apart from the competition, originality isn’t everything. In fact, with so many campaigns competing for attention, trying to be original is really difficult, and the truth is that there will always be similarities. The key is to play on your unique selling point – that’s what sets your brand apart, and not your campaign theme!

4. Measure your success

Lastly, you’ll never truly know if your campaign is successful or not if you do not measure its success. Marketing is a huge investment, so it is important you track progress to ensure a return on investment, as well as making sure your campaign hits your targets. Not only that, but measuring your success also gives you more in-depth knowledge of your customers behaviour for future campaigns and strategies.

With our four top tips, there is no reason why your campaigns can’t achieve the results you deserve and hope for. It’s simply a matter of tailoring your campaigns specifically to what you want to achieve, and not forgetting to push your USP.

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