5 Storytelling Tips to Enhance your Content Marketing

Posted 12th December 2017
By Focus7

Have you ever wondered what makes for killer content marketing? The answer is simple – tell a story. Storytelling is an extremely effective way to engage with your audience, make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Storytelling isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but by adhering to these simple rules, you’ll be churning out content in no time.

1. Know your audience

When writing any marketing material or copy, it is important to know your audience and understand their wants and needs. For example, your tone of voice should be suitable to the target audience you are addressing, as well as representing your brand’s identity. Keeping your audience in mind when telling a story is crucial to grabbing their attention and making an impact on them.  

2. Include a structured narrative

All great stories have a beginning, middle and end. A structured narrative helps to provide information in a chronological format, therefore keeping the reader engaged and interested in what happens next. The same applies when writing for business; your story should be concise and have a clear structure to it, otherwise it may not be easily digested.

3.Use characters

One of the most important parts of telling a story is the inclusion of characters; without them, there is no story to tell. Using characters helps to engage readers as they are often relatable, and help to stir emotion within readers. As for content marketing, referring to real cases and real people that you’ve helped enables your brand to share a genuine experience, therefore giving your customers much more than a fact or figure.

4. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Customers can tell when a brand is being false, which is why it is important to be authentic and express what your brand is about, and what services you offer. Being honest with your customers builds trust, but also shows your confident that your business can deliver.

5. Use different mediums

Stories do not have to be told through words; there are many ways to tell a story through other mediums such as art, photography, live theatre and film. Using a mixture of different mediums to tell a story can really help to enhance your content marketing.

Integrating a story into your content marketing is hugely beneficial to stand out in a competitive market. It gives your brand a unique voice and style, showcasing exactly what your business is about. So, be creative and think outside of the box. Your content will thank you for it.

If you would like to find out more about how you can elevate your content marketing, please do not hesitate to call our creative team on 01462 262020 or email You can also view some case studies over at our client area to see how we’ve already helped businesses with their content marketing.

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