5 Reasons to Up Your Social Media Game

Posted 29th November 2017
By Focus7

As every business, big and small alike, knows, social media is becoming an extremely useful and important tool for growth. The future is digital and without an active presence online, your business will fall behind. So, if  you haven’t sent a tweet or Facebook post for a while, it’s time to blow away the dust and get back in the race. Here are five reasons why you need to up your social media game today.

1. Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Being active on social media is a great way to increase your brand recognition. By posting content that supports your brand’s identity, it becomes clear what your business is about, which of course makes it more identifiable to your target audience and helps to build up loyal relationships.

2. Promote your USP

Social media also allows you to promote and highlight your Unique Selling Proposition. With so many other businesses online, it is vital to differentiate wherever possible. Social media provides a platform with which to interact with clients and prospects personally, allowing you to get your USPs across with ease.

3. Reach New Traffic

Posting consistently and remaining active on social media helps your business to reach new traffic that you otherwise wouldn’t. It will also help to make new impressions, therefore increasing the growth and reach of your business. Encouraging sharing of your content, maybe with the incentive of ‘sharers’ being entered into a competition, will also broaden your reach.

4. Stay Relevant

Whether you enjoy social media or not, it is essential to remain relevant and stay aware of the growing digital world. New customers can be found via different social channels, so it is worth selecting the most relevant channels for your business to promote your services. A B2B service business won’t find much success on Instagram, for example, but an entrepreneurial and visual B2C will.

5. Invest in Influencer Marketing

The rise of Instagram influencers and bloggers have never been in such popular demand as they are now. Working with bloggers and influencers is a new and exciting way to promote your business and reach a whole new audience. Many have large and active followings which can really elevate your own business accounts and growth.

Have you started to up your game yet? Social media is 24/7 – it never stops… and neither should you!

Can’t find the time to dedicate to your own social media? Our team can manage accounts on your behalf: speak to us on 01462 262020 or email for a zero obligation chat. You can also view some case studies over at our client work area.

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