4 Tips on Staying Productive This Winter

Posted 21st November 2017
By Focus7

As the days get shorter, it can become increasingly difficult to wake up feeling motivated, without wanting to curl up and hibernate for the rest of the day. The lack of daylight not only affects our physical wellbeing, but it also our emotional and mental wellbeing. In order to stay productive throughout winter, here are four tips to get you on your way to completing that daunting to-do list.


1. Schedule a Routine

Have you ever found that without a routine, you find yourself procrastinating for long periods of time, and having not achieved anything on your to-do list? It is very easy to lose focus when your day lacks structure. Therefore, it is important to establish an everyday routine to maximise your time and stay on top of your workload.


2. Set Yourself Realistic and Attainable Goals

Setting yourself realistic and attainable daily goals is an effective way of gaining a sense of achievement from your day and remaining productive. Long and stressful to-do lists can feel overwhelming, resulting in feeling defeated, drained and uninspired. However, aiming to complete a few achievable goals each day provides greater satisfaction.


3. Get Outside

Although staying warm and cosy indoors during winter seems like a more appealing option than bracing the cold, dreary day outdoors, the lack of natural daylight and fresh air can leave you feeling fatigued and unhappy. The easiest way to break up your day, and take a moment to recharge, is to head outdoors. A walk in the fresh air will help to clear your mind and you’ll feel ready to tackle the rest of the day.


4. Exercise

Similar to getting outdoors in the fresh air, exercise also greatly improves cognitive function and physical wellbeing, which is important to remaining productive. Exercise doesn’t have to mean an hour on the treadmill at the gym, but can be as simple as a 15 minute at home HIIT workout, or a gentle yoga class in the evening. Making time for exercise in your day is the perfect way to escape your workload, and instead invest some time in your own health and wellbeing.


Everyone struggles to stay productive during the long winter months, but by applying these four easy tips to your everyday, you can learn to manage your workload alongside your personal time without it having a negative effect on your wellbeing.


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