5 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your Copy Stand Out

Posted 14th November 2017
By Focus7

With the season of bright lights and festive cheer looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to tweak your copy and make sure it really stands out to claim that Christmas business. Here are 5 easy ways to take your copy to the next level.

1. Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to create compelling and engaging copy. If your copy lacks direction, purpose and creative flair, telling a story will instead help to draw your audience in and attract their attention for the right reasons. You can spin a story around any product or service, so be creative and have fun with your copy.


2. Add Personality

Copy does not have to be boring. In fact, your copy can be as imaginative and unique as you’d like, so long as it adheres to your brand’s tone of voice and style. Your target should be able to read your copy and know exactly what brand it is from. Take a look at the content by Innocent Drinks or Old Spice as an example. Adding personality is a fantastic way to voice a brand to keep it consistent, relevant and memorable.


3. Be Persuasive

Persuasion sells. If your copy is persuasive and engaging, it will stand out to your targeted audience and against other competitors. Explain the benefits of your product or service instead of the features. No one really cares that your software stores lots of data, but they will care that it is ‘the fastest way to get the information you need to increase your profitability’. Do not neglect the importance of persuasion with the written word, because copy that is not convincing and reliable will not attract remaining, or new customers to a business.


4. Simple Copy is Better Copy

The best written copy is often the simplest. Over complicating language and long unnecessary sentences makes copy too chunky and awkward. It’s also less likely to make a lasting impression. Instead, simple copy is concise, memorable and easy to follow.


5. Don’t Forget to Edit

Editing your copy is crucial before publishing. It is important to read through your content multiple times to check for grammar mistakes, as they often go unnoticed; poor grammar is unprofessional. Also, don’t be afraid to cut your copy, as writing economically attracts more attention than writing too much.


Making your copy stand out doesn’t have to be difficult. By simply taking the time to proofread your copy and inject a sprinkle of personality and creative flair, you’ll wow your audience and open a new world of possibilities.


Our creative content team will happily chat to you about creating truly engaging content that sells. Give us a call on 01462 262020 or email You can also look at some case studies over at our client work area.

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