3 Business Qualities We Can Learn from Veterans

Posted 7th November 2017
By Focus7

Every year on the 11th November, we take a moment to remember those who have fallen, and those who are currently devoting their time to the Armed Forces. We remember their courage, their dedication and their sacrifice for the safety of future generations. There are many skills and qualities we could all learn to adopt from Veterans, but here are the three most important lessons we can apply to our working life.

1. Be resilient

If there was one lesson we could all learn from Veterans, it is the need to be resilient in times of crisis. There are many occasions in which the workplace may feel like a daunting place; a place of pressure, of deadlines and of an ever-increasing workload. However, with the ability to remain resilient and carry on, comes a sense of achievement and community.

2. Be a leader, even when you don’t feel like one

In every business, just as in the Armed Forces, one of the most important qualities needed is leadership. No matter what your position within a company, possessing the ability to manage tasks, communicate with your colleagues, take responsibility and not be afraid to act on initiative is a lesson we can all use to help us succeed within the workplace.

3. Be respectful

Showing a little respect in the workplace goes a long way. Not only does being respectful towards others in your team mean that, as a group, your communication greatly improves, but it also helps to create a comfortable working environment – making going to work an enjoyable experience. A strong team that feels respected and valued will form stronger bonds, help each other in times of difficulty, and get the work completed efficiently.

The workplace may be a million miles away from life on the front lines, but we could certainly benefit from borrowing our workplace attitudes from those who serve.

Each of the Focus7 International directors have familial connections to the Armed Forces, and will be proud to show their support this Remembrance Day.

If you’d like to speak to our strategists about other lessons you can implement in your business, call 01462 262020, email or contact us here. You can also view some case studies over at our client work area.

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