4 Great Tips to Better B2C Marketing

Posted 17th October 2017
By Focus7

As a B2C small business, it doesn’t matter how confident you are of your products or services; you have to bring them to the masses effectively. And if you don’t give your prospects enough of a reason to place their trust in you, they’ll never part with their hard-earned cash.  Here are 4 tips for great B2C marketing:

  1. Keep your brand as one identity
    It doesn’t matter if it’s your website, your social media or your shopfront – your branding should always stay the same. Keeping a consistent, familiar experience for your customer will build trust and loyalty. It’s worth creating brand guidelines for your business so that everyone is on the same page.
  1. Offer membership programmes
    It’s all about incentive. Offering your customers a membership programme may mean you’ll be giving out lots of discounts to keep them loyal, but any money lost there may pale in comparison to the amount you could spend on finding new customers. Membership programmes significantly improve customer retention – and they attract new customers as well.
  1. Give your customers a voice
    Use social media and your website to gain some user reviews, and use the positive ones to your advantage. Post your reviews as testimonials on your website or share them and social media, and start developing social proof for your product or service.
  1. Use a targeted email campaign
    Email campaigns are a hugely effective way to keep your business front and centre in the minds of your customers. Tempt them in with a discount that is given to them after they sign up to your email list. Once you have their details, you can send automated reminders about offers and anniversary gifts to reward customer loyalty, and keep them updated with information about new products and services.

If you want your small business to succeed, you need constant positive interaction with your customers. If you can get them to buy once, you can get them to buy again. Treat them well and reward them when you can, and they’ll stay loyal – and even promote you to their friends and family. The secret to B2C? Happy customers.

Our team at Focus7 are highly experienced in helping B2C businesses achieve increased sales through successful marketing. If you want to know, more why not give us a call on 01462 262020, email us at  or contact us here

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