4 Really Useful Business Planning Tips

Posted 5th September 2017
By Focus7

It goes without saying that without a good business plan or a marketing strategy, your business is destined to fail. You need to know exactly where you’re headed, and you need to know exactly how you’re going to get there. Here are 4 really useful business planning tips to help your business obtain success.

1. Put your core values first

Core values are significantly more important than many people believe – in fact, when applied correctly, core values should play a key role in the decision-making process of your business. For example, keeping committed to environmental sustainability ensures you will always be highly regarded by partners, clients and customers that share these values.

2. Be realistic with resources

It’s important to understand how far your business can stretch itself before things start to fall apart. If your estimating how long it will take for a task to be completed, always allow yourself some room to breathe. Things often take longer than expected – there’s no use in putting unnecessary pressure on your team by making overly optimistic promises.

3. Work backwards

Whatever your long term goals are, knowing what steps you need to take to obtain them is the only way you’ll succeed. If you want to achieve a milestone by year 3, decide where you want to be by year 2, year 1 and a half, and so on. Breaking your ultimate goals into smaller, specific targets will ensure you know to reach them.

4. Be aware of competitors

If you want to beat your competition, you have to learn how to better them. Take a look at their websites, brochures or any other source material that’s available; understanding their services will enable you to understand how you can better them and make your target market choose you instead.

The most successful businesses all have a detailed business plan in place. Prepare as well as you can, review and update regularly, and make sure everyone is working towards the same goals. Keep these tips in mind and your business plan should guide you towards a successful future.

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