5 Copy Mistakes That Keep Your Marketing From Flourishing

Posted 16th August 2017
By Focus7

Creating engaging content isn’t a gift writers are born with; even talented writers struggle when they first take their skills to marketing. Blog posts, email campaigns and websites all demand a developed knowledge of how and how not to sell when it comes to creating their copy. Here are 5 copy mistakes that’s keeping your marketing from flourishing.

  1. You’re not talking to them
    If you’re not talking directly to the customer, you’re not selling to them. “You” and “Your” goes a long way – where as simply using “we” and “we’re” just isn’t attention grabbing enough. It’s not about you, it’s about them, which is why “why” is an equally important word to consider. Show them why your service is going to help them.
  1. You’re not taking them to the next step
    If you’re trying to direct your prospects to a landing page, you don’t need to bore them with the details: less is more. For example, if you’re directing them to a questionnaire that may win them something, there’s no need to give them all the instructions they need in the original email or post. You’ll bore them and you’ll lose them. Just explain the next step to avoid overwhelming your contact.
  1. Your USP is weak
    Are you selling your USP well enough? The more you stand out from your competition, the more likely your marketing will succeed. You need to convince them that your service cannot be rivalled; if your copy just makes your business blend in with the rest, no one’s going to understand why they should choose you for their needs.
  1. You’re not convincing them
    Words such as could, may and shouldn’t all have one thing in common; they’re not convincing – at all. You need to have confidence in what you’re selling, and you need to show the world that with conviction. Your service will save them money. It will give them what they need.
  1. You haven’t read it back
    It’s not just about the typos; you need to be sure your copy is attention grabbing enough. Get rid of any unnecessary wording to make sure your copy does exactly what it’s supposed to, and nothing else. Reading your copy back will also help you better understand if what you’ve created is natural enough.

The ability to create truly captivating copy does not come easily; in fact, you’ll need to make the right mistakes to learn how to improve. But once these skills have been honed, you’ll be conjuring great, sellable copy every time… and in the process, higher sales and conversions.

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